SelfTechy has been started with an intention of learning various tools and technologies by the concept of “Self-Learning”.  In most of the technology blogs Authors provide high level information that may not be understood properly by newbies.  When I was learning Java, Selenium, and Ant I had to go through many blogs since the basics were not clearly discussed.   This made me starting a new Blog with the concept of Self-Learning.  I don’t want to limit the blog just to Selenium, QTP, Java, or VB Scripting but all the tools and technologies I learn as part of my career or out of my interest.

I started this journey with Selenium.  Before getting into Software Testing I was in teaching profession for some time about one and a half year.  Still I have a thirst for teaching and I really enjoy teaching.  I hope the way content is presented to the readers is helpful to understand the technology easily.

I expect lot of comments from the readers that will definitely help me in improving the content of the blog and also to meet the expectations of the blog audience.

Professional Experience:  Currently, working as a Sr. Software Testing Engineer involved in Technology Solutions Group.  My experience includes writing test cases, execution, defect reporting, Test Automation framework design and implementation, writing scripts in QTP, Selenium for automation of Test Cases.  Creating and Execution of Load testing scripts with JMeter, Loadrunner, and WAPT.

Interests:  I have lot of interest in Security Testing (Application security, Penetration testing, and Network security), Performance engineering, etc.

Hobbies:  In my free time I read blogs, browse internet for new technologies, play chess, listen to music, and spend time with my family.

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  • Good job !!!

  • seetaram,

    Your site is awesome! I have spend weeks going through web pages, blogs, forums, and self-experimentation for Selenium 2.0/Webdriver. It pretty hard to find information because it is so spread out and because of the fact the Selenium is so rapidly changing that it takes time for people to figure things out. Although, I know most of the information now, it would have been tremendously helpful to have run across your site earlier. It’s super clear and informative and I still managed to learn a new few things as well!

  • Hi,
    You have given a very good article on Selenium and other stuff… can you plz publish similar stuff for Loadrunner.

    Sarabjot Vohra

    • Currently, I have started writing articles on VBScript, then will continue with QTP. Once both of these are well covered for at least beginners then I will try to post on Loadrunner. For understanding Loadrunner, we need to understand the Performance Testing concepts first and then learning tool is not a tough job.

  • Hi Seetaram,

    Thanks for all your post regd Selenium.. As mentioned in the about section, most of the sites were high level and got more comfort when I accidently landed on yours. Can I have your email address. I am struggling with PROXY Configurations for the past 4 days and referred most of the webpages and could nt find an answer that will resolve the issue in my corporate network. I can send u a details

  • Hi Seetaram,

    Can you publish something on the integration of Selenium with Quality Center?


  • Hi,
    Very simple & easy to ready, very good blog on the Selenium… Gr8 work… Keep sharing the knowledge.. For QTP there are lot of blogs & books available. It will be very good if you keep covering more topics on Selenium like Grid 2, running multiple tests, common issues on running the same script in different browser, etc…
    All the very best.. Keep your blog as No 1 for Selenium.

  • Thanks Raj,

    Whatever you said is correct.. But the intention of this blog is to help people just to read the articles and self learn the tools. If you go through all the articles written one by one, it should be enough to understand the tool, scripting, etc.


  • Hi Seetaram,

    I casually opened this site and browse the articles published by you and solutions. Its a great site to learn both QTP and Selenium. I am interested to see both these articles.

    Can you provide on mobile application testing, using selenium tool. I havn’t seen any article on testing the Mobile Application. As currently market is picking up rapidly in this sector.

    I once again thank you for all the useful articles published in this portal.

    Keep up good work.

    Krishna Venu Munji

  • Hi seetaram

    I am a software tester.My total experience is only 3 months.In my company i am only person as a tester.I want to learn automation testing.but in my company no one have knowledge about any automation tool. my senior person told me that in free time you will learn any automation tool and then we have use in our project.So i am confuse how i start.and which tool i will learn?

    please guide me the right way to learn automation tools..

  • Hi Seetaram,
    This blog is really helpful for selenium users.
    I have one application where in which report is there as :
    by default it is shown as:
    |Name | MIN Value |MAX Value |Actions|
    |combo box| text box| text box| links|
    below that
    add new link is there.

    I have taken xpath for all the fields but when I clicked to “Add new” link then it was again
    add new row as
    |combo box| text box| text box| links|

    but problem is that for that xpath is same as the above row.
    When i tried to run the script it was overlap to the first record because of same xpath.

    Here x path is same for all rows.

    Then how to handle this.

  • Hi Seetaram,

    Great work on this site. Will definitely grow to a greater extent in the future. Keep doing this.

    We are hardly looking for any available or customized tool to use for selenium to record directly from IE7 or 8. Please let us know if one available.

  • Hi Seetaram,

    Finally i found a site which has made me calm down a bit. I am learning Selenium Automation from few days and was really fed up due to lack of proper resources on basic understanding thats needed.. Your blog is awesome and i wish more people get to learn from here.. A very good effort in helping new learners.. Commendable work..

  • very good information. I am new to selenium and it helped me a lot… great job

  • Hi Seetaram,

    i want to say thank u very much to provide this web…i am also a testing Engineer and i am insterested in testing automation. i found for design the framework and use many tools is also very hard from beginning.but this site give m a new way of learning. could you also provide some article abt load testing ? :p

    thanks again,


  • Great information on how to use Selenium and Java. I look forward to future articles.

  • Good work….Would you provide information about Jmeter like as you are providing for Selenium.

  • Hi Seetharam,

    I want to execute my code in Google chrome,and IE its not working in selenium Web driver.Already i tried alot ..by using of the below code but its not working ..can u give any solution for that..

    Google chrome version=3.6..
    Intenet Explorer version =8.0.

    My code was:

    package testcases;
    import org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver;
    import org.openqa.selenium.chrome.ChromeDriver;
    import org.openqa.selenium.firefox.FirefoxDriver;
    import org.openqa.selenium.ie.InternetExplorerDriver;

    public class Many_Browsers {
    public static void main(String arg[]) throws Exception {


    //System.setProperty(key, value);
    String browserType=”Chrome”;
    WebDriver driver=null;

    driver=new InternetExplorerDriver();

    else if(browserType.equals(“Mozilla”))
    driver=new FirefoxDriver();

    else if(browserType.equals(“Chrome”))
    driver=new ChromeDriver();



  • Hi Seetaram,

    This was easiest blog on selenium ever.
    Can you write more blogs on load testing tools or performance tools.
    It would be of great help.


  • Hi Seetaram,

    Some interview questions are not direct, so trying to understand what the answer might be. For example, when they ask, how will you test a name value pair in java? Is this related to parametrization or to do with the target values we create at the selenium ide level?

    appreciate your input.

    • Hi Bindu,

      Answer is “No” to your question. Name value pair or key value pair is something related to Core java. Please go through hash map, hash table, etc that will give you more insight.

  • Hi Seetaram,
    Really it is a great job!!. I am new to Selenium, and Im expertise in QTP, LR.
    Really your articles are awesome !!.
    Thanks for providing those wonderful articles about Selenium.

  • for selenium RC is there any tool rather than eclipse can be installed??

  • Seetaram,

    Ur site is just awesome and its so simple and useful to follow the steps and start up with the selenium..wonderful job..keep going and good luck…

  • Seetaram,

    I have decided to use Selenium for Broswer testing. I am devloping a web-site from scratch. I was anticipating great time to spend to get a handle on Selenium. Good Job, as it is that much appreciated for the job you do well. Thanks

  • Seetaram,

    I have decided to use Selenium for Browser testing. I am developing a web-site from scratch. I was anticipating great time to spend to get a handle on Selenium. Good Job, as it is that much appreciated for the job you do well. Thanks

  • Seetaram,

    Excellent man. I had gone through the selenium site.You are doing great. Anything in performance engineering, please pitch in buddy . I am all there to help you.

  • Thanks for sharing ur knowledge……….

  • Hi Seetaram Sir,

    I would like to learn how to test Flash or flex or Google chrome charts embedded in web application using selenium. As selenium IDE is not able to identify these objects so that we could find XPaths and insert them in selenium RC to automate it .
    It would be kind if you could answer my question raised.
    Selenium RC or Selenium IDE

    Arpita 🙂

    • For this you can try using flexmonkium, this has spy also which can identify the ID’s for the objects. On top of that you need to add the appropriate jar files to your build path so that inside eclipse you should be able to code.

  • Hi Seetaram

    I want to learn advanced QTP means scripting . am very much interested . Suggest me how to start up with my career.


    • Start picking up simple programs and do it in VB scripting that will help you learning. Once you are comfortable with VB scripting, then start learning QTP’s features with VB Script so that you will be very much comfortable in writing QTP VB Scripts for automation

  • Hi Seetaram,

    The website is very useful for those who are interested in Self learning. Thank you so much for the write ups.
    Could you please introduce more on the frameworks that can be used in selenium, like Robot Framework etc. And it would be great if you could update the website whenever you get time, we readers can learn a lot with this..


    • Thanks a lot Shweta. Currently doing MS hence not finding time to update the site. Sure I will start writing. Comments like this are really encouraging.


  • Hi Seetaram,

    Excellent work, thanks for the valuable information


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