IDE for Javascript and Typescript

Anyone coming from Java background mostly will be using either Eclipse or IntelliJ Idea. For automation testing with tools like Cypress and Playwright with Javascript it would be good to use Microsoft Visual Studio Code. My favourite IDE for automation with Javascript is VS Code. Let us see how to start using it.

Download VS Code from here.

Double click the downloaded EXE and Install by clicking next button.


Once installed, open the Visual Studio Code. It should look like below:


Below are some plugins which will be useful for Javascript & Typescript development.

  1. Prettier – Code formatter
  2. Live Server
  3. JavaScript (ES6) code snippets
  4. GitLens — Git supercharged
  5. ESLint

You can install these plugins by clicking the plugins Icon as below:


Once the installation of plugins is done, restart the VS code. Now, you are ready to develop Javascript & Typescript.

Refer the documentation here for any more information on Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

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