Learning Javascript and Typescript for Test Automation

In the Information technology industry, there is a constant upgradation of tools and technologies every year. As IT professionals, we need to upgrade ourselves as well. For example, most of the big businesses are moving towards cloud because of its high scalability and low cost. Devops and DevSecOps have become de facto standards. In the software testing space as well, there are bunch of new tools developed for test automation.

For about a decade HP QTP and then Selenium ruled the Test Automation space. For software quality professionals, knowing these tools for test automation would have been enough. But now there are bunch of new tools which are better than previous ones. To upgrade ourselves to new tools we may need to learn new programming languages like Javascript.

If we are good at one programming language such as Java, is it difficult to learn a new one like Javascript? Not so much!! But since they are developed for different purposes, there are specific features.

So, when I learnt Javascript it was not much difficult but often confusing while using the features like:

  • Promises
  • Arrow functions
  • Asynchronous functions etc

So, as a Software Test Engineer I thought of writing some articles on Javascript and Typescript concentrating more on the features which are very much required for automation development.

There are many YouTube videos, Udemy courses, tutorials, etc but all of them explain every feature of Javascript in detail. That would be good for a front-end developer. For a person who comes from Java background might get confused. So, we will start learning Javascript & typescript from the next blog onwards.

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