HP-UFT 11.50 (Unified Functional Testing)

QTP is back with a bash……

One day I was searching for QTP latest version and was unable to find it. Surprisingly, in HP official site, I saw Unified Functional Testing. I started going through the specs and found it very interesting. Although, working on Selenium and Java most of the time now a days, I am a QTP enthusiast. I worked in Test Automation with QTP more than 4 years (How can I forget the first love … ha ha :-)).

Officially, UFT was released on December 06, 2012 (lagging almost one year … 🙂 but want to catch up). HP UFT 11.5 has combined Quick Test Professional and HP Service Test. Hence this has many brand new features. I have downloaded the trial version and installed it. It looks good.

Some of the new features UFT offers are as follows:

  1. New IDE
  2. API testing (Service Test)
  3. UFT Mobile – Mobile automation testing
  4. Integration with CI Servers
  5. HP UFT Insight Object Recognition

These are the features which you encounter by just having a look at it. I think UFT has much more than this.

But after seeing HP UFT some of the questions popped out in my mind are "Does HP support new releases of Mozilla Firefox? Chrome?". Having open source Test Automation tools like Selenium, does the customer still choose HP UFT with such a huge licensing cost? If he chooses to use what are the value added services does HP provide? We need to evaluate from all these perspectives and give thumbs up to HP UFT.

Trial Version Download link – HP Official Site

HP Unified Functional Testing Service Pack 11.52


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