TestNG – Next Generation Testing Framework

TestNG is a testing framework that is used for unit testing and also with Selenium for Test Automation.

What is the need for a testing framework?

How it facilitates unit / automated UI testing?

What are the functionalities that a framework like JUnit / TestNG provides?

If I am new to Selenium, TestNG / JUnit, above questions will definitely popup in my mind. Let us have a close look at each one of them.

Need for a Testing Framework:

A Testing Framework helps in creation and execution of a group of tests. If there is no framework is used, then we only have to handle many things such as reporting, exception handling, grouping, data parameterization, etc.

How it facilitates?

A testing framework such as TestNG provides many annotations which can be utilized for certain functionalities. If we use @Test before a Java method then that method will be considered as a test method. We can individually execute the method with this annotation or execute with a suite of tests.  Also, the framework provides annotations for grouping, parameterizing, executing a particular Java method before or after the execution of a test method, etc.


  1. Annotations (@Test, @BeforeClass, etc)
  2. Supports data-driven testing
  3. Supports running tests in multiple threads

For detailed information, please visit: TestNG.org

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