Introduction to Quick Test Professional

QuickTest Professional (QTP)

HP / Mercury QuickTest Professional is a GUI Automation tool, which supports advanced keyword-driven testing.  QTP was originally developed by Mercury Interactive and later acquired by Hewlett Packard (HP). This has various features allowing testers to easily automate the manual test cases.

By default, QuickTest Professional allows you to automate applications consisting of:

  • Standard windows objects (WinButton, WinCalendar, WinComboBox, etc)
  • Web objects (Browser, Frame, Image, WebArea, WebButton, etc)
  • Active X controls (AcxButton, AcxCheckBox, AcxComboBox, etc)
  • Visual Basic Objects (VbButton, VbCheckBox, etc)


  • QTP supports the concept of keyword-driven automation testing to enhance the creation of tests and also maintenance of the test suite.
  • Keyword-driven approach is an innovative and structured way which provides the ability to use natural language for creating robust test automation suite that verifies user interactions and end-to-end business transactions.
  • Integrated data table in QTP helps to manipulate the test data sets, perform calculations, and execute the test number of iterations with less effort.
  • Ability to capture each step of the test case execution, capture present application screenshots, and generate detailed reports in an easy-to-read format. This helps in finding out the application failures and provides detailed explanation about the discrepancies.
  • Record and Playback engine to help testers with lesser coding skills.
  • Add-in architecture enables QTP to facilitate GUI automation of applications built with multiple technologies. QTPs .Net add-in supports GUI automation of applications built with .Net technology.
  • Integrates with QC (Quality Center) for better test management.

QTP Versions:

Several versions of QTP have been launched from many years. They are QTP 5.5 (first release in 2001), 6.0 (2002 release), 6.5 (2003 release), 7.0, 8.0(2004 release), 8.2(2005 release), 9.0(2006 release), 9.2(2007 release), 9.5(2007 release), 10.0(2009 release), 11.0 (2010 – present stable release)

Out of these versions of QTP, 8.2 and 9.2 are very much successful versions and used for most of the automation projects.

Types of Licenses:

  1. Demo license: A 14-day demo license (11.0 version gives 30-day trial version). This version can be downloaded from HP’s web site for learning or evaluating purpose.
  2. Seat license: Specific to one particular machine.
  3. Concurrent license: The license can be installed on a license-server and multiple QTP users can access the license. This is also called as floating license. If 10 concurrent licenses are purchased, then only 10 users can access the QTP at any point in time.

Above are the QTP overview, versions, and types of license. I hope this gives a basic idea of quicktest professional. In the next post, we will discuss the installation, types of add-ins etc.

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