Selenium – Learn Java to Enhance Test Automation Skills

Selenium is a Test Automation tool for Web Applications.  Selenium IDE is an Add-on for Mozilla Firefox.  Using Selenium IDE we can record and playback tests.   Recorded tests will be in a table format.  This can be exported into various programming language formats such as C#, Java / JUnit, Groovy, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc.

Learning one of these programming languages will be greatly helpful for automating tests with Selenium.  Java is a powerful programming language which gives the power of flexibility & extensibility with lot of open source libraries for various tasks.  With Java we can customize the error handling, logging, reading from external data sources, generating reports, etc.

To start learning Java the first step will be to download Eclipse IDE and Java SDK and install on the desktop.

Eclipse IDE is an open source integrated development environment where Java coding, compiling the source, debugging, executing the programs is very easy.  We can add number of java libraries to build path and start using the classes / methods in our programs.

I am planning to start posting on Core Java which enables testers who want to learn Java just for the purpose of automating tests with Selenium.   I think learning the Core Java concepts like Variables, Classes, objects,  methods, inheritance, polymorphism, constructors, method overloading, etc will be of great help for the beginners of Selenium.

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