Quick Test Professional – A Test Automation Solution

QTP is a widely used Test Automation tool in the present IT industry.  Since, there are software products which serve Enterprise Customers with wide variety of features.  It is very difficult for the Manual Testing Engineers to execute all the test cases in the timely manner.  Hence Test Automation tools became imperative in the software industry.

There is a wide base of QTP users as it supports variety of technologies.  We can have a glimpse of the type of applications QTP supports by looking at the number of Add-ins QTP has (There are around 14 different add-ins present).  This is a record and playback tool, which records user actions on the Application Under Test and then the same test can be played back.  Also, it supports a Scripting language called VB Scripting.

I’ll be writing on QTP’s features as well as VB Scripting as much as possible in my future posts.

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