Selenium IDE

Selenium – Setting up Selenium & Eclipse

by seetaram on March 18, 2011

Now its time to learn how to configure Selenium RC client driver with Eclipse IDE and how to run Selenium RC server instance.  We will try to understand this step by step. Note: Download JDK ( from the Oracle / Sun website and install prior to installing Eclipse) Download Eclipse Go to URL – […]


Selenium – Understanding Object Identification

by seetaram on February 23, 2011

In previous two posts I have explained how to setup a sample web application, recording and playing back tests with Selenium IDE.  Now, we will understand how Selenium identifies the objects on the Application Under Test. To identify the objects such as Links, Buttons, Edit boxes, Drop downs, etc on the application Selenium uses a […]


Recording tests with Selenium

by seetaram on February 5, 2011

Let us record some tests with Selenium IDE: Test – 1: Open the browser and navigate to SugarCRM Login page Login to application with username – admin and password Click on Accounts tab Click on Create Account link Fill all the necessary fields Click Save button Click View Accounts link Verify the Account created Following […]


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