Running Selenium Tests with ChromeDriver on Linux

by seetaram on August 17, 2011

Some of the pre-requisites has to be setup to execute the Selenium WebDriver tests with chromedriver on Linux Download the following Softwares before starting to write tests in eclipse. Download Google Chrome – Chrome for Linux Download ChromeDriver – ChromeDriver for Linux Install the Google Chrome on the Linux ennvironment by using the following methods: […]


Selenium 2.0 WebDriver – ChromeDriver

by seetaram on August 11, 2011

Selenium 2.0 provides different webdriver bindings for each browsers.  For example, firefox has FirefoxDriver and internet explorer has InternetExplorerDriver.  Google Chrome has ChromeDriver bindings.  Implementation is little different but there is no major change.  Only we need to understand the way it works. For the FirefoxDriver, we need not start the server for execution of […]


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