Looping Statements in VBScript

by seetaram on August 27, 2011

Let us have a look at the following vbscript: msgbox "Hello world" msgbox "Hello world" msgbox "Hello world" msgbox "Hello world" msgbox "Hello world" msgbox "Hello world" msgbox "Hello world" msgbox "Hello world" This is simply printing one message eight times.  This looks pretty simple!!! But, if we need to repeat 50 of such statements […]


The vbscript is executed line by line until the end of the script and this order of execution is called flow.  The execution flow can be controlled by certain commands or statements in vbscript.  Following are the conditional statements which are used to control the order of execution. If … Then … Else Select Case […]

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Logical Operators To compare two different variables and also to evaluate the Boolean expressions logical operators are used. Let us have look at these one by one: AND expression1 AND expressions2 There will be four different combinations, E1 AND E2 (E1=True, E2=True) = True.  If both the expressions are true then the result will be […]


VBScript – Arithmetic Operators

by seetaram on August 23, 2011

All the programming or scripting languages support Operators which are used to do some action.  For example “+” is used to add two numbers as well as concatenate two strings. We might need to compare values in two variables, then use < , >, ==, etc.  These are some examples of operators.  Let us have […]


VBScript – Variables and Data Types

by seetaram on August 21, 2011

Variable is a name given to a data storage location such as memory that can change during program execution.  It is a place in the memory where the data can be placed and retrieved during the course of execution. VBScript has only one data type that is Variant.  VBScript variables (Variant) can contain either string […]

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Introduction to VBScript

by seetaram on August 20, 2011

VBScript is a scripting language which is used to automate certain tasks such as Create a Local User Account and Set the Privileges. One more usage of VBScript is in Test Automation. A well-known GUI automation tool Quick Test Professional uses VBScript as the scripting language to automate user actions on Application Under Test (AUT). […]


Running Selenium Tests with ChromeDriver on Linux

by seetaram on August 17, 2011

Some of the pre-requisites has to be setup to execute the Selenium WebDriver tests with chromedriver on Linux Download the following Softwares before starting to write tests in eclipse. Download Google Chrome – Chrome for Linux Download ChromeDriver – ChromeDriver for Linux Install the Google Chrome on the Linux ennvironment by using the following methods: […]


Selenium 2.0 WebDriver – ChromeDriver

by seetaram on August 11, 2011

Selenium 2.0 provides different webdriver bindings for each browsers.  For example, firefox has FirefoxDriver and internet explorer has InternetExplorerDriver.  Google Chrome has ChromeDriver bindings.  Implementation is little different but there is no major change.  Only we need to understand the way it works. For the FirefoxDriver, we need not start the server for execution of […]


Getting started with webdriver requires some idea on “how to use the APIs” provided by the Selenium 2 Webdriver.  Some of the useful APIs were discussed in detail in “Useful APIs of WebDriver”.  Example of automating a web page with these APIs explains the Test Automation with WebDriver better. I have created a sample web […]


Selenium 2.0 WebDriver – Some useful APIs

by seetaram on July 23, 2011

To start with WebDriver we need to learn about some of the useful APIs that are provided for automating user actions on an application. Let us list some of the actions that we need to automate while automating a test case: Click a link, button Type value in an Edit box Select a value from […]


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