Logical Operators To compare two different variables and also to evaluate the Boolean expressions logical operators are used. Let us have look at these one by one: AND expression1 AND expressions2 There will be four different combinations, E1 AND E2 (E1=True, E2=True) = True.  If both the expressions are true then the result will be […]


VBScript – Arithmetic Operators

by seetaram on August 23, 2011

All the programming or scripting languages support Operators which are used to do some action.  For example “+” is used to add two numbers as well as concatenate two strings. We might need to compare values in two variables, then use < , >, ==, etc.  These are some examples of operators.  Let us have […]


VBScript – Variables and Data Types

by seetaram on August 21, 2011

Variable is a name given to a data storage location such as memory that can change during program execution.  It is a place in the memory where the data can be placed and retrieved during the course of execution. VBScript has only one data type that is Variant.  VBScript variables (Variant) can contain either string […]

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Introduction to VBScript

by seetaram on August 20, 2011

VBScript is a scripting language which is used to automate certain tasks such as Create a Local User Account and Set the Privileges. One more usage of VBScript is in Test Automation. A well-known GUI automation tool Quick Test Professional uses VBScript as the scripting language to automate user actions on Application Under Test (AUT). […]


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