Annotation: Annotation defines a type and it can be applied to several Java elements such as Java methods, classes, etc.  Annotation adds meta-data facility to Java elements.  Some examples of Java built-in annotations are: @Override @Deprecated @SuppressWarnings Each annotation will instruct the compiler to do something. For example, @Override tells the compiler to check whether […]


Setting up TestNG with Eclipse

by seetaram on January 9, 2012

This post will explain about installation of TestNG plug-in with Eclipse (Indigo) There is no need to download any Jar file or exe file for installation.  We need to just utilize the “Install New Software” option available in the Eclipse. Steps for installation: 1. Click Help –> Install New Software 2. Type “http://beust.com/eclipse” in the […]


Fundamental Concepts of Test Automation

by seetaram on September 17, 2011

What is Test Automation? Automated Software Testing or Test Automation is the process of automating the manual test cases.  This also involves comparing the run time data with the test data provided, and producing useful Test Results. Test Automation tool – What we can expect? To test a software, a manual testing engineer needs to […]


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