September 2011

QTP – Installation, Sample Applications, Add-ins

by seetaram on September 30, 2011

Explanation whatever given here is with respect to QTP 9.2.  Information on QTPs other versions such as 9.5, 10, and 11 will be provided in the future posts. Installation of QuickTest Professional 9.2: Double click the Setup.exe file in the QTP installation disk. Click Next and provide the necessary licensing information. This installs the QTP […]


Learn Selenium – Some useful tips

by seetaram on September 23, 2011

Selenium is a Test Automation tool for Web Applications. Unlike QTP, TestComplete, or any other market leading commercial automation tools Selenium does not have a good IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for development of automation scripts. Unless having a good knowledge of a programming language such as Java or C#, it is very difficult to understand […]


Introduction to Quick Test Professional

by seetaram on September 20, 2011

QuickTest Professional (QTP) HP / Mercury QuickTest Professional is a GUI Automation tool, which supports advanced keyword-driven testing.  QTP was originally developed by Mercury Interactive and later acquired by Hewlett Packard (HP). This has various features allowing testers to easily automate the manual test cases. By default, QuickTest Professional allows you to automate applications consisting […]


Fundamental Concepts of Test Automation

by seetaram on September 17, 2011

What is Test Automation? Automated Software Testing or Test Automation is the process of automating the manual test cases.  This also involves comparing the run time data with the test data provided, and producing useful Test Results. Test Automation tool – What we can expect? To test a software, a manual testing engineer needs to […]


Dynamic Arrays – VBScript

by seetaram on September 10, 2011

There are two types of arrays: Static arrays Dynamic arrays Static array has to be declared with the number of elements that the array can hold (i.e. arr(5)).  If we don’t know the number of elements to be stored in the array, then the dynamic array can be used. Syntax: Dim arr() ReDim keyword should […]


Arrays – in VBScript

by seetaram on September 10, 2011

An Array is a data structure which can hold multiple variables of the same type.  So far whatever the examples we have seen in the previous posts we have used variables for each value. ans=a*b Here, variable a and the variable b are multiplied and the result is stored back in the variable ans. Let […]

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Function Procedure in VBScript

by seetaram on September 9, 2011

Function procedure is a discrete block of code that is written to accomplish a particular task.  The difference between a Sub procedure and Function procedure is that function can return a value.  Syntax: Function {name} (parameters)     – – – – – –     – – – – – –     – – – – […]


Dividing the entire software program into smaller chunks of code where each piece handles a specific task is known as modularization.  Following are some of the benefits: Easy to maintain Reusability Easier to debug More reliable Hence, all programming languages and scripting languages support modularization.  In vbscript modularization can be achieved with two different techniques: […]


This does not have any special features other than what is explained with Do While . . . Loop.  This looping structure also works the same way like Do While . . Loop.  While . . . Wend is an older looping syntax and Do . . Loop is preferred over this.  The drawback of […]


Do . . . Loop in VBScripting

by seetaram on September 5, 2011

This looping statement provides a great way to execute a group of statements until a condition is true.  There might be lot of situations where we can specify a condition but not the iterations (i.e. no minimum and maximum values or array containing elements). In such situations we can go ahead and use this loop. […]


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