March 2011

Running Selenium Tests with JUnit 4

by seetaram on March 23, 2011

Step 1: Create a new project Java SugarCRMJunitTests in Eclipse as shown in the below figure. Step 2: Right Click newly created Java Project (SugarCRMJunitTests) –> New –> Package –> Give name “SugarTests” Step 3: Right Click SugarTests package –> New –> JUnit Test Case (Select checkboxes SetupBeforeClass, tearDownAfterClass)    –> Give the name as “SugarTestScripts” […]


Execute Selenium Test Using Eclipse

by seetaram on March 22, 2011

We already have configured Selenium Client Driver with Eclipse.  Now, copy the Selenium server into the SeleniumTests folder inside Eclipse-Workspace folder and then create “Selenium-server.bat” file with the following code in it.  Below code should not be copied and pasted into the notepad as “-” (hyphen) is getting saved as a special character and does […]


Selenium – Setting up Selenium & Eclipse

by seetaram on March 18, 2011

Now its time to learn how to configure Selenium RC client driver with Eclipse IDE and how to run Selenium RC server instance.  We will try to understand this step by step. Note: Download JDK ( from the Oracle / Sun website and install prior to installing Eclipse) Download Eclipse Go to URL – […]


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