Robotframework – Working with Date and Time

by seetaram on December 25, 2017

Robot framework provides keywords for lot of stuffs. Framework has very good documentation. Here I am going to explain how do we handle situations with date and time. The library in Robot framework for handling time is “DateTime”. This library needs to be added to the settings before using the keywords for date and time. […]


SOAP Web services

by seetaram on January 20, 2015

Introduction Web service is a well-defined, self-contained software function provided over the internet. The web service is explained in detail in this post (link to post) that explains questions such as "What is a web service?", "What are the components of a web service?", etc. Background Enterprises containing existing legacy applications and databases might need […]


Web services – Introduction

by seetaram on January 16, 2015

Enterprise software architectures have been using many ways of communication technologies in order to share data or business rules between applications. One of them is to define an integration layer to coordinate the communication between the systems. Service oriented architecture (SOA) is another way of integration. Choosing between the different integration techniques depends on the […]


Introduction to Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

by seetaram on November 22, 2013

Consider any system, it should be hiding complexity from the user, be it a programming language or any computer solution. This makes the user happy which is the goal of any application. Virtualization is a concept in computer science engineering which means creating virtual resources such as hardware, operating system, etc on top of the […]


HP-UFT 11.50 (Unified Functional Testing)

by seetaram on October 7, 2013

QTP is back with a bash…… One day I was searching for QTP latest version and was unable to find it. Surprisingly, in HP official site, I saw Unified Functional Testing. I started going through the specs and found it very interesting. Although, working on Selenium and Java most of the time now a days, […]



by seetaram on September 23, 2013

Introduction When I was a primary school student, people who had television were the rich in my hometown. Now we can see mobiles in everybody’s hand. Technology has changed our way of life, let it be communication, healthcare, entertainment, construction, travel or anything. What made man to invent all these things in the world? What […]


If your website has tremendous resource of useful information (or business) and users’ are visiting from array of devices such as notebooks, mobiles, tablets, blackberry, iPhone, and desktops. Also, from different platforms and browsers. How do you make sure that your website designs are crafted in such a manner that responds well to your users’ […]


Web Services – An Overview

by seetaram on August 27, 2013

Web service is a software function provided over the internet. What a normal software function does? Takes an input, processes, and gives an output. Web service also does the same over the web or internet. This is a self-contained, self-describing application. It does not depend on any programming language or operating system. Web services are […]

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Android – A Revolutionary Mobile OS

by seetaram on June 10, 2012

This is an era of smartphones. People have access to 3G, 4G technologies. Most of the things we can do online can be done on mobile phones whether it is to transfer money, pay bills or shopping. Mobile handset is no more a device just used for communication. This serves as an entertainment system. We […]


Some Thoughts on Learning Test Automation

by seetaram on April 29, 2012

Among software testing professionals, a big chunk of people are into manual functional testing. I heard many of them saying "Manual testing is a boring job", "I am not paid well compared to a Performance Testing professional or Automation Testing professional", "I want to learn Test Automation / Performance Testing", etc. Many of them fail […]


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